TNR & Lost Animal Trapping Assistance

We assist caretakers of feral cats and the owners of lost animals with trapping and provide TNR services. We will NOT take ownership of any trapped domesticated animal and all such requests will result in turnover of the trapped animal to the Regional Animal Control Facility, release from the trap, and/or will be denied. There is a waiting list for this service. Our domestic animal trapping assistance form can be downloaded by clicking here.

There are some rules set in stone by state and local law that we must follow:

  • Domestic animals that you do not own must be turned into animal control for quarantine and/or return to the rightful owner; or turned loose.
  • For the purpose of managed colonies, the colony caretaker is considered the owner.
  • Trapped domestic animals may not be relocated to another property, neither public nor private without permission of the landowner. If released onto another private property, the property owner must agree to take ownership of the animal(s).
  • We are not authorized to directly trap domesticated animals in public spaces. Please contact animal control to have them set traps.