Regional Shelter Donation Drive

We are excited to announce our first fundraiser for the Eastern Shore Regional Animal Control Shelter! Their needs are great and county resources are few.

The back story

When the facility was built 10 years ago, animal care professionals were not consulted by the design company hired by the two counties. The Board of Supervisors in both counties accepted the drafted plans and the facility was constructed. Even if the design had been adequate, much has changed since that time regarding how animals are cared for and rehabilitated. There are many shortfalls with the current design that the counties are now stuck with. We have projects that are in the works to help improve the situation.

Due to current budget shortfalls in Northampton County (the facility is jointly funded by both counties) necessary improvements are not possible at the government level. Both counties must provide funding for improvements in proportion to their population. This works out to around (1/3) of the total cost for Northampton and (2/3) for Accomack. Accomack Animal League has formed a private-public partnership with Accomack County, which manages the shelter, to allow facility improvements to proceed forward with non-government funds.

In cooperation with the Accomack County Sheriff’s Office, animal control officers, shelter management, businesses of the Eastern Shore, gracious benefactors, and other animal welfare organizations we have been planning two projects. We seek assistance from the general public to immediately fund the following:

1. Air Conditioning system

Would you believe that the Regional Shelter does not have an air conditioning system for their indoor kennels? We were shocked when we discovered this and worked some amazing deals on HVAC equipment and tradesman to install it.

There is an existing heating system in the kennel area that will accept air conditioning equipment. The current method of cooling relies on forced draft ventilation of ambient air with no means of heat removal. The existing system is inadequate on extremely hot days. This can sometimes lead to stress of the animals in the kennels and leads to fatigue of the staff caring for them. This also all goes without saying that things can get pretty nasty during the summer in a kennel that lacks air conditioning. All this may have been acceptable ten years ago, but it certainly is not now!

2. Dog Run/Turn-out Area

The Regional Shelter does not have a dog turn-out area. This is a shortfall in design and highlights the changes in care that have occurred in the last ten years. This also compounds the problem of poor cooling in the kennel areas. It is now almost unheard of for a shelter to lack a dog run. Much research has been done since the Regional Shelter was constructed which shows the many benefits of having such a run. The well trained staff at the shelter are very well aware of and deal with the shortfalls of a facility lacking a dog run each and every day. They desperately want one. We heard their pleas and the unheard pleas of the animals they house and decided to take action.

There is land available at the facility to add a dog turn-out. We have once again been offered some excellent deals on materials from our many local businesses to make this project a possibility. The run we plan to install is nearly identical to what the SPCA has on each side of their shelter, except with a concrete pad instead of bare dirt. To get a general idea of what the proposed run looks like, please stop by the SPCA and check it out.

To follow the latest developments and details regarding the dog turn-out project click here.


Your donations toward the projects are kindly appreciated. Any excess funds taken in will be used to provide for other Regional Shelter needs and used in our grant fund to help animals in need. Please share this fundraiser with your friends and family!