Nuisance Wildlife Assistance

We will set traps on your property for nuisance wildlife. Due to Virginia State Law, any trapped wildlife must be dispensed and can’t be relocated to another area. To read the law, click here. There is a continuous open season to trap beaver, muskrat, opossum, and raccoon within the incorporated limits of any city or town in the Commonwealth.

Only authorized agents, those who bear a fur trapping license, wildlife rehabilitators, and private landowners that are either over 65 or possess a nuisance permit may trap wildlife.

There is a waiting list for this service. Our nuisance wildlife removal request form can be downloaded by clicking here.

For a list of trappers that have agreed to help with nuisance wildlife, click here. These individuals may be able to assist you if the Animal League is backlogged. If you suspect an animal may be rabid, immediately call 911 for assistance.

There are some rules set in stone by state and local law that we must follow:

  • Wildlife may not be relocated and must be either killed outright or released back onto the property from which it was captured – no matter who does the catching or trapping. The exception is wildlife taken in by certified wildlife rehabilitators. For help finding a wildlife rehabilitator, click here.
  • The discharge of firearms within the incorporated limits of any town is prohibited. If you live within town limits law enforcement must be contacted to dispense of any wildlife captured.
  • Captured domestic animals must be released. Notify your neighbors that traps are being set to avoid this situation.
  • The nuisance capture agreement authorizing us to trap for you is required.
  • You must allow daily access to your property to allow traps to be checked.