Loan-A-Trap Program

Accomack Animal League maintains a set of traps for loan to individuals for the purpose of: TNR, stray animal removal, and nuisance wildlife management. Animal League agents also use these traps to provide trapping services. There is a waiting list for the trap loaning service. Our “Loan-A-Trap” form can be downloaded by clicking here.

There are some rules set in stone by state and local law that we and individuals who borrow our traps must follow:

  • Wildlife may not be relocated and must be either killed outright or released back onto the property from which it was captured – no matter who does the catching or trapping. The exception is wildlife taken in by certified wildlife rehabilitators. For help finding a wildlife rehabilitator, click here.
  • The discharge of firearms within the incorporated limits of any town is prohibited. If you live within town limits law enforcement must be contacted to dispense of any wildlife captured. Pellet guns are allowed by some towns and such allowance varies.
  • Domestic animals that you do not own must be turned into animal control for quarantine for the safety of the public and/or return to the rightful owner; or immediately released.
  • For the purpose of managed colonies, the colony caretaker is considered the owner.
  • Trapped domestic animals may not be relocated to another property, neither public nor private without permission of the landowner. If released onto another private property, the property owner must agree to take ownership of the animal(s).
  • You are only authorized to trap animals on property that you own, manage, lease, or rent; or where you are acting as an authorized agent of the person who owns, manages, leases, or rents the property where traps are set. Contact animal control to have them set traps if the case is otherwise.
  • It is illegal to kill a domesticated animal unless it is attacking you or your livestock.