About Accomack Animal League:

We are a community organization working to improve the lives of animals in Accomack County, VA and surrounding areas through community outreach, education, and advocacy.

We work cooperatively with other humane organizations, local governments, and the community at large to develop and implement programs to improve the overall welfare of animals in our target area.

We are funded by donations and fundraisers. Everything is done by volunteers and 100% of the funds taken in go directly back into the community to benefit animals in need.

Our Mission:

Advocate for every animal to have a warm bed, a full bowl, a happy life, a safe environment, and everything they need.

Strive to create awareness on animal welfare issues through education, community outreach, and media-based public relations.

Work to provide a safe and secure network of foster homes for injured, abandoned, homeless, and unwanted animals until a healthy family environment can be located.