Meeting Minutes: 2-7-2015

2/7/2015 – Club Car Cafe in Parksley

At 6 pm the meeting was called to order by Charles Knitter.

Representatives from the SPCA gave a presentation on their low cost spay/neuter program. A Q&A followed in which pertinent issues relating to their program were discussed.

A discussion was had with the SPCA about the local activists that our group had been dealing with and what their opinion of that group of people was. Of particular interest was if the group in question was friend or foe, what dealings the SPCA has had with them, and why one of their members in particular adamantly bad mouthed the SPCA with great furiosity. It was advised to use caution with that group of individuals. SPCA was informed that the individual who was doing the bad mouthing had been kicked out of our group and was no longer affiliated because of their unfounded outspoken harsh criticism of the SPCA (which we took offense to because they were not authorized to speak for our group), their threat to “steal the SPCA charter because they are not deserving of the name,” the individual’s insistence that we not support the SPCA low cost spay/neuter program and only support ESSO, the individual’s insistence that the only thing people on the Eastern Shore knew how to do was chain/neglect a dog and that we should shame them all without remorse, attempts to radicalize our group, and other specific issues that had been experienced with the individual. The SPCA was relieved to hear that news and assured us that they were no longer going to be as skeptical about our group. The initial purpose of calling the SPCA into the meeting was to address their belief that this individual was still part of the group and to repair the damaged relationship this person had caused with the SPCA. A similar situation created by another individual with two of the local veterinarians was resolved via phone calls earlier in the week.

The SPCA representatives left the meeting satisfied our group was not a bunch of batty wingnuts and that they could work with us.

The draft charter and by-laws was read in entirety.

A motion was made by Charles Knitter and seconded by Samantha Pioli that the charter and by-laws be adopted and approved as read with no changes or amendments. The motion carried unanimously.

A motion was made to formally establish the animal welfare organization “Accomack Animal League, Inc.” as a 501(c)3 non-stock corporation in the Commonwealth of Virginia by Charles Knitter and seconded by Jane Lucy. The motion carried unanimously.

Charles Knitter was named as the initial Chairman of the Board of Directors by unanimous consent.

Jane Lucy was named as the initial Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors by unanimous consent.

Samantha Pioli was named as the initial First Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors by unanimous consent.

The remainder of the Board of Directors were selected by unanimous consent.

JoAnna Knitter was named as the secretary by unanimous consent.

Karen Gravelle was named as the treasurer by unanimous consent.

A motion was made to ban Hattie Buchholz from membership for the duration of her life by the Chairman. The motion was seconded by almost all other members at once. The motion carried unanimously (overwhelmingly).

The meeting entered private session to discuss matters of a nature sensitive to law enforcement regarding the ongoing independent investigation of the Hopeton dog theft case and the evidence that had been turned over to the Sheriff’s Office.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Charles Knitter and seconded by JoAnna Knitter. The motion carried unanimously.


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